What our families are saying…

I greatly appreciated everyone at Enloe’s. They followed every instruction (nontraditional) as requested by my mother. Everything was perfect! I will be forever grateful. No amount of money could top the comfort and peace given by ensuring my mom’s requests was carried out. They were intentional with every step of support to me before, during and after Mom’s funeral. I truly mean every staff member. The call from the aftercare specialist was the icing on the cake. I have nothing but love for Enloe’s for the great professional and personal service they provided. | Tina Blanton 2023
Kevin and Pam handled my mother, father, aunts and uncles, friends, neighbors, and other loved ones. They treated us all with extraordinary care, compassion, and grace no matter the situation. The owners and staff took time to listen and were very encouraging and thoughtful. I am proud to say they are officially family. | Patrick Hill 2023
I visited three other funeral homes before trusting Enloe’s. Their compassion and caring were so heartfelt. | Yalonda Hartong 2023
My experiences could not have been any better. Everything and everyone were above my expectations. Every time I’ve used Enloe’s Mortuary I am more than well pleased. Thank you, Kevin, Pam and the Staff. Keep up the great job. | Lizzie Gidney 2023

Ms. Jeanette Marie Bonner Service – The sevice at Enloe’s was outstanding. The love and compassion is from Heaven. I highly recommend. My mother was handled with care and was so beautiful and well kept. | Takina Bonner 9/10/2020

Minister Loretta Thomas Brewton Service – My mom looked awesome. Enloe Mortuary did an amazing job. Everything was Perfect! When we viewed our mom she looked as though she was asleep resting. Thank You! Enloe Mortuary | Trisa Carpenter 6/4/2020

Howard Roger Edwards Service – The staff of Enloe Mortuary is extremely professional and compassionate . | La Vondra E. Farquharson 5/25/2020

Lauretta Mungen White Service – My mother was put away very beautifully. You did a great job and very professional. Thank you. | Munger & White Family 5/14/2020

Deacon Acres Nelson Watkins Service – Everything was very nice. We are very thankful! | Patsy Watkins 3/2/2020

Albert Moore, Sr. Service – I thank God for you all. You are the best! | Minister Lucresia Moore 2/11/2020

Lenell Mintz Service – Enloe’s did a wonderful job on making our mother / grandmother look good. | Dorothy Leach 9/10/2019

Tirand Norris Service – During Tirand’s illness he developed a unique relationship with God. When
his health failed God carried him. Therefore, there is only one set of foot prints. | Parents,
Hartwell & Janie Hoey and Charles Norris 7/25/2019

Tirand Norris Service – Tirand looks so handsome and at peace in his attire. Flowers are arranged
beautifully. “Oh” if you could see the peace and love he showered on all who entered his room. | Hester Cumberlander “Aunt Hester” 7/25/2019

Florine Hopper Service – They did a wonderful job on my mother. She looks natural just like herself. | Janie Hush 7/11/2019

Joseph Borders Service – I can’t say enough about the excellent service that you provide. I would highly recommend your service to anyone, that’s how good you are. | Lena M. Borders 6/18/2019

Pauline Webber Service – That Enloe Morturay does excellent work, compassionate and we the family of Mrs. Pauline B. Webber are so pleased! | Catherine W. Howell 5/31/2019

Pauline Webber Service – Words can not express the gratitude I have on the work Enloe has done, on behalf of my grandmother, Pauline K. Webber. The compassion, professionalism and love was beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! | Tasha Barnes-Watkins 5/31/2019

Pauline Webber Service – Our family was over joyed by the professional and courteous service we received. My mother looked like an angel. | Tawanna Oates5/31/2019

Pauline Webber Service – We the family of Mrs. Pauline Webber thank Enloe Mortuary for making everything so beautiful for our mother. | Doris Kilgore 5/31/2019

Iva Webber Service – My dads funeral was very memorable and he made my dad look 20 years younger. The staff made my experience so much easier. | Craig Webber 5/28/2019

Iva Webber Service – Enloe’s did my daddy’s and grandmothers services. They really helped me and Pam was amazing! There services was in 2005 and 2007. I appreciated everything!! – Melanie Wood 5/28/2019

Glenn Thompson, Jr. Service – Ya’ll made my husband look 50 years younger. He looked like the day I married him 50 years ago. | Betty Thompson 5/7/2019